Detail Your Business Brainstorming Call

After years in the interior design industry I've figured out some tips and tricks to run a less stressful, productive and profitable business!
This is a zoom video call for interior designers & decorators only.
It's perfect for you if:
You're struggling with your design business.
You need someone to bounce ideas off of.
You're not sure which area of your business to focus on.
You would like to know how creating service packages can help your business.
You need help focusing in on your ideal client.
You aren't sure what to charge.
You don't know how to work with vendors.
You need to hone in on your business process.
You need some advice for how to run your business.
You just need someone to talk to about your business.
LET'S GET YOUR BUSINESS IN ORDER AND ON TRACK so you can enjoy your work and your life!
This is an up to 90 minute zoom call. We can talk about anything that you need help with. I'm happy to offer advice and what has and hasn't worked for me.
Once your call is booked you'll receive a questionnaire so that we can get right down to the nitty gritty on our call.